“A modern day parable teller.” That is how Stacy is often described as she uses normal, everyday things to bring a deeper understanding of God’s word.

Stacy’s “parables were so incredibly fantastic and real that it really brought the deep stuff to the surface.” ~Michelle, Enough participant

Stacy connects with audiences through conviction and vulnerability. She loves speaking to groups large and small, including at retreats, ladies’ luncheons, as well as to corporations. If you are interested in having her speak into the lives of the people in your group, please call her at (720) 620-8822 or use the contact form.

Stacy always customizes her talks to ensure it meets your group’s specific needs. If you have a topic in mind, but don’t see it below, let her know and she’ll see if it’s something within her expertise.

Unlocking the Secret to Contentment

Stacy Voss's Cultivating Contentment

Is contentment even possible, and if so, what does it look like and how do we obtain it? This talk will help you:

  • Discover what true contentment looks like and how to experience it in your life,
  • Eliminate things that steal our joy, and
  • Learn a simple and easy-to-implement tool on how to become grateful



Cultivating Gratitude in the Workplace

A Gallup Poll revealed that 65% of participants reported that they don’t feel appreciated at work. This leads to lower productivity rates, low-morale, and high employee turnover. Rather than fueling a fear-based culture, gratitude in the workplace alleviates all of the above symptoms, as well as improving employees’ health (and therefore reducing sick time), enhancing personal contentment and self-esteem, and more goal-oriented teams.

Arresting Anxiety

Stacy Voss's Arresting Anxiety flier

Chances are, you get anxious sometimes. Or all the time. Maybe you feel guilty about it or embarrassed. Do you think God won’t love you if you’re anxious? Do you try to trust Him, but still find your heart racing?

You aren’t alone.

And you don’t have to be.



Dress to Impress: God-Style Fashion

Would you believe the Bible tells us to wear binoculars, a towel, a soft sweater, a broken watch, and a robe while holding a mug and a stuffed animal? Okay, maybe not exactly in those terms, but the Godly attire described in Colossians 3:12-14 can be likened to all of the above. By donning this wardrobe, women have:

  • Become more peaceful
  • Found greater satisfaction in relationships
  • Increased their patience with their kids and loved-ones

Preserving Our First Love

Forsake: to leave, disregard or neglect. This is what the church in Ephesus did to God–and He held it against them! How can we prevent the same from happening in our lives? Stacy offers four practical tips to:

  • Safeguard and deepen our love and devotion to the Almighty
  • Protect us from the temptation to neglect God’s role in our lives
  • Increase our awareness of God’s jealousy and ensure we remove anything that competes for His affection

Discovering Humility Through Adversity

Have tough times, deception or betrayal left you with your fists drawn or ready to strike back? Stacy has. She shares some of her testimony, while equipping women to:

  • Hope again
  • Allow others into their pain
  • Love those who hurt them

Victim or Victor: Keeping Past Difficulties from Negatively Defining You

Unforgiveness and bitterness can paralyze and cripple. Stacy provides ways to help us overcome these and other obstacles while claiming the gift of abundant life.

For Writers

Contentment on Your Writing Journey

Will we only be happy once we create a website, get a book published or become a bestseller? Is it possible to find contentment despite rejections, disappointment and long periods of waiting? The answer is a resounding yes!

For Youth

Purposefully Pure

There is a reason why God commands us to remain sexually pure (and it isn’t just to take our fun away).  Discover God’s purposes for purity.


The Silence of God (Christmas)

400 long, quiet years were interrupted by cries of the newborn Messiah.  Come relate to those who believed God to be far-off and be transformed by the incredible truth that God Is With Us.

Preserving our First Love (Easter)

Same as Preserving our First Love above with the addition of a dramatic narrative recounting the Easter story from the perspective of the disciple John.


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